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The Step into the NHS programme is designed for people of secondary school age, who are residents of England.

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    Allied Health professions

    Work closely with patients, often on a one-to-one basis providing treatment and helping with rehabilitation.


    May be part of an emergency response crew, handle 999 calls in a control room, or provide vital non-emergency transport for patients.

    Health Informatics

    Manage information and communications technology to support the running of the NHS.

    Healthcare Science

    Scientists and technicians help to prevent, diagnose and treat illness using scientific knowledge and technical skills.


    Contribute to the planning, the quality and quantity of future patient care.

    Doctors and Dentists

    Diagnose, care and treat illnesses, infections, diseases and the well being of people.

    Nursing and midwifery

    Nurses provide care for patients supporting treatment, recovery and promoting good health; midwives provide care, advice and planning for women and their families during and after pregnancy.

    Wider Healthcare Team

    Members of our wider healthcare team design, construct and maintain NHS buildings, run the catering, supply the linen, clean the wards, book the appointments and much more.

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