Anatomical pathology technologist

Male technologist in scrubs

A day as an anatomical pathology technologist

You work in the mortuary of your local hospital, starting at 9am. Your first duties are to ensure the mortuary and post-mortem room are clean and tidy, and that equipment has been properly cleaned and stored ready for the pathologist to use. Next, you greet parents who've come to identify the body of their son. You're sympathetic and courteous, as you help the pathologist show them the corpse.

After their positive identification, you update the mortuary records and help the relatives arrange for collection of the body so they can begin funeral proceedings. In the afternoon you help the pathologist carry out a post-mortem on the body of a car accident victim, and collect clinical samples for further examination. You enjoy the full training you receive at work, and the great prospects for career advancement in the future.