Real-life stories

Harry Brown

IT support technician
Male with female in uniform pointing to iPad screen

“The idea of helping the NHS to function whilst working with computers was appealing.”

Adam Randall

Ambulance care assistant
Male paramedic sitting in driver's seat of ambulance

“I get a lot of enjoyment from being able to have a positive impact on what can be a daunting experience.”

Louise English

Senior property manager
Female manager talking to man in high vis vest

“I really enjoy my job; each day presents a new challenge and there is a lot of variety in the role.”

Andrew Daffern

Learning and development apprentice
Male looking at computer screen

“The trust has been accepting of me and I believe they are keen to learn more about Asperger syndrome.”

Kelvin Kamupira

Dental nurse
Male in uniform in dental surgery room

“Becoming a dental nurse is a fantastic career opportunity whether you are male or female.”

Lydia Wager

Income and costing accountancy assistant
Female sitting at desk

“It’s lovely to know that I am developing a successful career at the same time as making a positive difference to someone else.”

Teniola Ibrahim

Female standing outside looking at camera

“The staff and patients make work a joy, especially the children. It’s great to know you’re making an impact on a child’s future.”

Valeria Souza

Psychological wellbeing practitioner
Female sitting and talking in a group

“Knowing that I am making a difference to people’s lives is rewarding and inspiring.”

Rachel Rule

Student occupational therapist
Female standing outside looking at camera

“As an occupational therapist you really have to think outside of the box to provide the best care for people.”

Lauren Jennings

Female orthotist holding equipment

“There’s nothing better than seeing a patient walk out of the clinic with a smile on their face because of something I’ve done.”

Alex Townsend

Male standing outside looking at camera

“I’ve had the opportunity to work at some amazing sporting events. This is something that I find really exciting.”

Ravind Singh Bhangal

Biomedical scientist
Male scientist in lab coat looking at sample

“I knew all along that I wanted to do something that makes a difference and betters the lives of others and I’m now able to help people, using scientific methods and the skills I’ve gained.”

Sophie Edgington

Specialist speech and language therapist
Female smiling at camera

“It can be quite emotionally taxing as a career but our managers are very supportive, and when you see the results through the progress children make, it is very rewarding.”

Katie Ryan

Practice educator
Female at desk writing

“No matter what my future life looks like, nursing means I'll be able to work in a job I enjoy and which fits around that life. I feel I've managed to create a fantastic platform for whatever comes next.”

Emma Relf

Critical care paramedic
Female taking patient's reading

“I love the lack of routine and the fact that every day is different. Knowing I have made a positive difference to a person's life also makes the job worthwhile.”

Devang Joshi

Senior audiologist
Male audiologist wearing headphones

“The patient broke out in the biggest smile I have ever seen. This was the first time he had heard himself or others properly for more than 40 years!”

Michael Wan

Medical student
Male in training room smiling at camera

“It's an intense course, requiring a lot of stamina and determination. But I really enjoy what I'm doing. I know I definitely made the right decision in choosing medicine.”

Anna Kerry

Registered nurse in intensive care
Female nurse preparing treatment at counter

“You'd want to work here if you like exciting challenges and the adrenaline rush of helping seriously ill patients, and the fabulous feeling you get when you send them back to their lives.”

Kate Garrard

Trainee clinical scientist
Female scientist in lab coat with equipment

“Often quite subtle and painstaking detective work is needed. I have to interpret changes within each gene to try and find out what has gone wrong.”

Scott Elliot

Exercise physiologist and smoking cessation advisor
Male in community centre with patient

“If you are interested in sport and fitness and don't want to just work in a gym, this is one of the few jobs where you can really use those skills in a solid career with good pay and great prospects.”