Female dentist treating patient

A day as a dentist

You're working in your local dental practice. Your first patient is at 9am who is a visibly upset gentleman who has broken his front tooth after falling over. He has brought the broken porcelain crown with him and you and your nurse first reassure him. You then re-cement the crown back into place, restoring his smile and giving you a great sense of pleasure.

You continue to see patients throughout the day ranging from dental check-ups to filling teeth and taking x-rays of the mouth. Your last patient of the day is a lady who has made an emergency appointment. She has been struggling with toothache and a swollen face over the weekend. She has a dental infection caused by a lower left tooth.

You take out the tooth and prescribe antibiotics to help fight the infection and she thanks you for relieving her pain. You finish up your day feeling happy that you and the fantastic dental team around you have made a difference to many people’s lives.