Operating department practitioner

Two NHS staff members in scrubs looking at equipment

A day as an operating department practitioner

You're working the late shift today, and at arrive at your local NHS hospital at 12pm. Your first task is to help the anaesthetist with the afternoon's operations, so you make sure that all the drugs and equipment are ready, and take some extra time to chat to one of the patients who is feeling anxious.

Then you're off to the emergency theatre. You put on your sterile gown, and pass instruments to the surgical team during a lengthy operation, after which you monitor the patient until they are fit to return to the ward. You're just thinking of having a quick break when the bleep in your pocket summons you to A&E where a casualty from a road traffic accident has arrived. When the patient has been stabilised, you finish at 10pm - ready for another fast-paced day tomorrow.