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Scott Elliot

Exercise physiologist and smoking cessation advisor, Kent

“If you are interested in sport and fitness and don't want to just work in a gym, this is one of the few jobs where you can really use those skills in a solid career with good pay and great prospects.”

Nikki Crooks

Administration assistant / clerical officer, Swanage Hospital, Dorset

“My role involves plenty of general clerical duties: letters and phone calls regarding appointments etc, I also have computer and word processing skills and I often end up helping matron with her records and spreadsheets.”

Lisa Louise Brandon

Assistant personnel officer, Bradford District Care Trust

“If you're looking for a career with lots of opportunities to progress up the ladder then this job is excellent.”

Kate Garrard

Pre-registered clinical scientist, Sheffield Children's Hospital.

“My job is to take samples of genetic material and to analyse it for diseases or abnormalities. A lot of my day is spent doing lab work. Some of the mutations I find are unique - they have never been seen by anyone else in the world before.”

Becky Fletcher

Accountant, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

“My job is fun and challenging and a great team to work with. There are great opportunities to develop your knowledge - you can get experience in all areas of accounting: managing budgets, payroll, purchasing, and financial accounting.”

Anna Kerry

Registered nurse in intensive care, Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

“People would want to work here because of the exciting challenge and the adrenalin rush of helping seriously ill patients, and the fabulous feeling you get when you send them back to their lives.”

Tom Davies

Emergency medical dispatcher, South Western Ambulance Service

“You have to be really on the ball, listening carefully to what people are saying and picking up clues about the situation. Even when the adrenalin's pumping you have to stay calm and reassuring for the caller.”

Izzy Pritchard

Information technology infrastructure support, Berkshire Shared Services

“To work here you need good IT ability and excellent communication skills. You also need to be to be patient and tolerant and able to deal with stress.”

Rachel Maton

Occupational therapist Sheffield Children's Hospital

“Seventy per cent of my time is spent dealing with the effects of accidents, especially fractures to fingers and wrists. Trampolines and monkey bars have got a lot to answer for!”

Anna Disney

Assistant clinical psychologist, Berkshire Healthcare NHS FoundationTrust

“What excites me about my job is I love working so closely with people, and I love having the challenge of such a steep learning curve, at the same time as feeling fully supported by my brilliant team.”

Michael Wan

MBBS trainee doctor, St George's Medical School, London.

“The sense of job satisfaction is huge - you can really make a difference to someone's life.”

Devang Joshi

Healthcare scientist / senior audiologist, Leicester Royal Infirmary

“It is challenging and always varied, with all sorts of opportunities to specialise: in babies, adults, patients with special needs, or even research and development.”

Emma Relf

Critical care paramedic

“I love the lack of routine and the fact that every day is different. Knowing I have made a positive difference to a person's life also makes the job worthwhile.”

Katie Ryan

Practice Educator, Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Trust, London

“No matter what my future life looks like, nursing means I'll be able to work in a job I enjoy and which fits around that life. I feel I've managed to create a fantastic platform for whatever comes next.”

Sophie Edgington

Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

“It can be quite emotionally taxing as a career but our managers are very supportive professionally and emotionally and when you see the results through the progress children make, it is very rewarding.”

Ravind Singh Bhangal

Biomedical scientist

“I knew all along that I wanted to do something that makes a difference and betters the lives of others and I’m now able to help people, using scientific methods and the skills I’ve gained.”

Jessica Francis


“Every time they come to see me, I test their vision to check if it has improved. It’s brilliant when it has!”

Alex Townsend


“As a podiatrist I’ve also had the opportunity to work at some amazing sporting events. This is something that I find really exciting.”

Lauren Jennings


“There’s nothing better than seeing a patient walk out of clinic with a smile on their face because of something I’ve done.”

Sharon Uppal


“It is equally enjoyable and fulfilling. Dentistry is a great career!”