Finding work experience in the NHS

Work experience in the NHS is a fantastic way to gain insight into a particular career. It can also be a valuable way of getting some confidence and experience of working in a team and caring for people. Whether it is a short or long-term placement, full or part time, or on a structured or informal basis, work experience can help you choose the right career.

While the NHS is tackling COVID-19, you might find that work experience programmes and placements aren't available, especially in clinical settings. But there are things you can do to support any apprenticeship, job, college or university application. For example, you can research the values of the NHS Constitution and think about how you have demonstrated them. If you are applying for a degree course, speak to the universities for some alternative ideas to support your application.

At this time, we strongly advise looking on your local NHS organisations' websites for information about work experience programmes before contacting them.

If you are thinking longer term about your work experience placements, take a look at our Smart Guide to NHS work experience.

Good luck and stay safe!