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Using the teacher resources

Download our teacher guide for an overview of our ready-made lesson plans and how to introduce meaningful careers-related learning to your pupils.
It includes:

  • how to integrate resources into schemes of work
  • the learning journey
  • how to enter the competition

Download KS2 teacher guide

Download the resources

The teacher resources are made up of three parts. The finale is an exciting competition to showcase learning and celebrate the NHS. Your students could win Amazon vouchers and a prize for the class.

The resources provide a progressive framework for learning but you won’t need to work through all the materials for your pupils to benefit. It's designed to be flexible so you can create a programme to suit you and your pupils.

All the teacher resources can be downloaded as a Zip file below.

Download all competition resources

Part 1: Your strengths and the NHS

Pupils explore who they are: what they are good at, what they need help with, their favourite things and what they want to do in the future.

Part 2: Working in the NHS

Pupils explore a wide range of jobs in the NHS through a variety of activities including hearing from a range of NHS staff on video, investigating a vibrant community scene and working with patient stories and job cards.

Part 3: Competition entry

Pupils celebrate what they have learnt by taking part in a fun competition to produce a piece of artwork and/or writing.

Supporting resources

We also have a range of resources to support delivery of the lesson plans and differentiate the learning for all pupils.

Extend the learning

Enjoyed the competition? If your pupils have entered the competition and you are searching for additional resources, look no further than our extension resources! You may wish to dedicate more time to these resources, as part of a careers week or drop-down day, or complete these extended careers activities in isolation.

Extension one

Extension two

Enter the competition

For details of the competition (and the prizes!) check out our competition page.
Good luck!

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