Loads of resources to help key stage two students undertand the range of job opportunities in the NHS
Step into the NHS toolkit

Teacher toolkit - Step into the NHS in primary schools

Teacher toolkits for the Step into the NHS in primary schools are now available.

You should start by downloading the teachers' pack which includes:

    • background information
    • the learning journey
    • how to enter the competition

You can also order an exclusive A3 timeline for classrooms. Just call 0345 60 60 655 or complete our contact us form.

Downloadable resources.

The teacher toolkit is made up of five parts, with the finale being an exciting competition to showcase pupil learning and celebrate the NHS where your students could win Amazon vouchers.

It provides a progressive framework for learning but you won’t need to work through all the materials for your pupils to benefit. It's designed to be flexible so you can create a programme to suit you and your pupils. There are number of other resources that you can also use.

All of the resources to support each ‘part' are available to download from this page.

Part 1: Before you step into the NHS

Pupils explore who they are: What they are good at, what they need help with, their favourite things and what they want to do in the future.

Part 2: Step back into the NHS

Pupils step back in time to investigate how and why jobs might change over time, and the role of science and technology.

Part 3: Step into the NHS

Pupils explore a wide range of jobs in the NHS through a variety of activities including: investigating a vibrant community scene, patient stories and job cards to find out more.

Part 4: Step forward into the NHS

Pupils look into the future and think about how developments in technology might impact how we work and what we can achieve.What could this mean for future jobs?

Part 5: Competition to say thank you to the NHS*

Pupils celebrate what they have learnt by taking part in a fun competition to produce a piece of artwork and/or writing.

Supporting resources

We also have a range of resources to support delivery of the campaign in school time and with parents and carers.

Download all resources as a Zip file

All the teacher resources can be downloaded as a Zip file here