step into the NHS schools competition pack

Teacher packs

Teacher packs for the 2018/19 Step into the NHS schools' competition for years 8 and 9 are now available. You should start by downloading the teachers' pack which contains details on how to enter the competition and lots of activity ideas.

You can also order hard copies of the packs including a USB stick with all the resources by calling 0345 60 60 655 or using our contact us form. Please quote stock code CAR10201 when ordering.

The competition has six phases and there are materials and resources for teachers to use for each. These include core and differentiated materials.

Phase one - Introduce the competition

Phase two - The research phase

All of these materials will help students in the research phase of the project.You can use this website including the:

Phase three - The job description phase

In this phase, students produce a job description for their chosen role that demonstrates their understanding of what it involves. Have a look at the:

Phase four - The job advertisement phase

This bit of the competition requires students to come up with a fun, lively and creative advertisement to tell other young people about their chosen role. To help, there's:

Phase five - Send us your entry

See what needs to be sent in with the entry or entries:

You can send us entries either by post or submitting them online. Visit the send us your entry page.

Phase six - Celebrate success

To recognise the efforts of everyone who enters the competition, teachers can print off certificates to give to all the students who took part: